Sean McBride saxophonist... Hi, My name is Sean. I play saxophones. Also I blow flute and blues harp. I give sax lessons. Here is my little window on the world. There are some photos. There are some vids. There is some stuff to listen to. There are some links and stuff. Well, I'm having fun. THINGS TO DO: listen to some of me playing - click the links up by the pictures. look at photos of me - click the "photos" tab click the "videos" tab to see some vids click the "credits" tab to check some things I have done. click "teaching" tab to find out about saxophone lessons. from me. click the "sax stuff" tab to find out some stuff about...saxophones. on a couple of the pages there are little link buttons - try them! -like this: If you want to get in touch, go to the contact tab and send me a message. An e-mail address or phone number would be good - more direct than going through facebook, etc. I would be glad to talk to you about gigs, saxophone sessions, sax lessons at any level...stuff. Hopefully something relevant!

Some of my playing situations/folks I have played with (click on each picture): 1:James Hollingsworth; 2:Pete McQuaid; 3:Wes Hall; 4:Paul DaVinci; 5:Danny Shyler; 6:Chris Jagger; 7:Dallas/Mizizi; 8:JashwahMoses/Mizizi 9:Sean Snook; 10:Alan Drew; 11.Big Swingers; 12-13:Soulshaker; 14:Warpspeed Orchestra; 15:Paul Cleaver; 16:Fred Bloggs Band; 17:David Houghton; 18:Alfie Kingston; 19:; 20:Souled Out; 21:Paul Berrington; 22:On The Edge; 23:Eric Okafo; 24:Chantilly Lace; 25: Spectrum Party Band; 26:The Lurchers; 27:Cool Beans; 28-30 = Waves Of Fury: James, Lauren, Carter; 31 Jason Flinter; 32: Randy Swindlers: 33: Steve Treble; 34: Elles Bailey

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